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SEV Academy Fellows Program

What is a SEV Academy Fellow?

A SEV Academy Fellow is certified facilitator or subject matter expert who has demonstrated commitment to their own professional learning and is working with SEV Academy to share their knowledge and experience by supporting other teachers. 

How do I become a SEV Academy Fellow?

There are two ways to become a SEV Academy fellow. If you want to give back to other teachers who are taking one of our existing courses, then all you need to do is earn a Certificate of Completion in both SEV-101: Planning Effective Online Lessons and SEV-102: Student-Centered Online Instruction.  
You then join a cohort in the SEV Academy course you completed successfully and act as a facilitator for that cohort for the entirety of the five-week program, building a community of learners across the SEV schools.
Upon successful completion of that course, you submit a final reflection on the process in order to receive a Certificate in Online Professional Development Facilitation.
Alternatively, if you have a high level of expertise in your subject area or in some other domain and want to create a new course for other teachers, we can work with you to either customize one of our courses to fit your level and subject area or to create a new course from scratch. 

What is the required time commitment?

Facilitators in our programs typically spend about 2 hours per week (10-15 minutes per day) in order to maintain a presence in the online course by 
  •   • Posting replies to discussion threads
  •   • Sending personalized course announcements to motivate and guide participating teachers
  •   • Answering questions about assignments or offering formative feedback
  •   • Weekly check-in meetings with a SEV Academy mentor for guidance, support, and opportunities for reflection
  •   • Limited time each week for additional reading, discussion, and coaching on essential online facilitation skills
  •   • A final reflection on the process (your choice of format)

What are the benefits of becoming a Fellow?

  •   • Gaining experience as an online professional development facilitator, supporting adult learners
  •   • Expanding your personal learning network
  •   • Personalized support and guidance from an experienced online facilitator
  •   • A really cool mug and pecil set to flaunt your creds ;) 
Just click on Contact Us from the main menu and let us know about your interest in becoming a SEV Academy Fellow. Please note that space in this program is limited by the number of active cohorts each semester. 
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