SEV-105: Breaking Barriers to Learning through Differentiation

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SEV-105: Breaking Barriers to Learning through Differentiation

This course is designed to help you explore, reflect on, and plan meaningful and effective ways to create an inclusive classroom environment where all of your students can achieve their best learning. Learn about foundational principles and models for differentiation as well as some practical ways to develop a differentiated classroom by applying the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) in the 5-module, cohort-based program.

SEV-105: Breaking Barriers to Learning through Differentiation

Program Description


Expand your use of effective differentiation strategies.

Identify the barriers your students face in learning and construct strategies to overcome them.

Create a plan for a barrier-free learning environment that supports all students.



Module 1: Conceptions & Traditional Models of Differentiation
We begin by coming to a shared understanding of what differentiation is, reflecting on why all learners need differentiated experiences in order to achieve their best learning. This module provides a structure for you to consider differentiation through content, process, and product in your classes.

Module 2: Identifying Barriers to Learning
Differentiation is an essential element of an inclusive learning environment. In this module, we focus on inclusion and what it means to create an inclusive classroom, providing the space and tools to consider the potential barriers to learning your students face and prioritize these challenges.

Module 3: Building a Barrier-Free Learning Environment
Universal Design for Learning is a framework through which we can construct a learning environment that supports learning for all students, regardless of their strengths, interests, and needs. In this module you will take time to explore the principles of UDL and consider several questions that can help build barrier-free classrooms.

Module 4: Structuring Student-Centered Learning Environments
Thinking about your current students, consider how you might use the UDL guidelines to support learning. Using tools to evaluate your lesson plans, learning experiences, and assessment practices, you will identify ways you already incorporate the UDL guidelines into your teaching and where you could do more.

Module 5: Your Differentiation Plan—Putting it all Together
This course culminates in a clear plan for differentiation tailored to your students’ needs. Our last module is dedicated to giving you time to identify specific actions you can take to incorporate elements of the UDL guidelines into the development of your units. Create your plan for differentiation in collaboration with other members of the cohort to ensure you are ready to support every student achieve their highest potential.

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    SEV-105 Preview

SEV-105: Breaking Barriers to Learning through Differentiation

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