SEV-104: Motivating Learning through Authentic Assessment

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SEV-104: Motivating Learning through Authentic Assessment

Assessment provides critical information about where students are before, during, and after instruction relative to learning outcomes. Used effectively, assessment data informs necessary changes to your curriculum and instruction to improve learning. This 5-module, cohort-based program is designed to help you improve your assessment practices by making them more authentic, whether they are used in traditional settings or online.

SEV-104: Motivating Learning through Authentic Assessment

Program Description


Evaluate and improve the authenticity of current formative and summative assessments.

Create authentic assessments that engage students and provide better evidence of learning.

Give meaningful feedback that motivates students and moves learning forward.

Create assessments that facilitate the development of creative and critical thinking skills.


Module 1: Assessment Types & Purpose
We start our exploration of authentic assessment by looking at various types of assessment and focus on how each support learning in different ways. This module provides an overview of the characteristics of good student assessments and answers the question, “Why does authenticity matter?”

Module 2: Summative Assessment Design and Use
High-quality assessments can actually improve student learning and achievement. In this module, we look at the characteristics of high-quality summative assessments and provide the resources to help you assess the authenticity of the questions on a current or recent test or exam.

Module 3: Embedding Formative Assessment Practices into Instruction

This module provides an overview of what formative assessment is and explains how it can improve your students’ learning outcomes. Beyond providing practical strategies, tools, and tips, in this module we focus on how you can incorporate formative assessment practices that improve your instruction.

Module 4: Incorporating Assessment into Learning
Following our exploration of assessment OF and FOR learning in the previous two modules, we take it one step further by looking at assessment AS learning. Specifically, this module introduces the fundamentals of Project-Based Learning and explains how to create authentic assessments that are more engaging for students while still preparing them for standardized exams.

Module 5: Giving Feedback that Promotes Learning
Finally, in order for data obtained through any assessment to lead to improvements in learning, students need to know what to do with it. This is where feedback comes in. In this final module, we look at what good feedback looks and sounds like, explore the value of grades vs. comments, and help you to promote self- and peer-assessment practices in your classroom.


  • Why Authenticity Matters (SNEAK PREVIEW)

    Why Authenticity Matters (SNEAK PREVIEW)

SEV-104: Motivating Learning through Authentic Assessment

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